About Us

Ecotlon appears in a crucial time where it has become evident the need to rationalize the provision of health care. Over the past 30 years the providing of health services as well as the technological devices used by them have experienced an exponential growth. However this growth has not been followed by the concern on containing costs and reducing the consequently environmental impacts of these services. We are currently facing an unsustainable situation that urges the need to rationalize the provision of health care without compromising quality.


Ecotlon’s mission is to bring this philosophy, Reprocessing Single-Use Medical Devices (RDMUU), to Portugal through a partnership with Vanguard, a specialized company in this area. Ecotlon aims to constantly evolve its services and the research on the RDMUU in order to extend them to all the single-used devices used in health care.


Alongside with the partnership with Vanguard, Ecotlon intends to become, in the future, a reference in the area of health services and provide consulting services on the matters of optimization of the use of medical devices, medical waste reduction and evaluation of performance.